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"To Everyone at Whitford Early Learning Centre and Kindy

Thank you so much for everything you have done with S over the past 41/2 years! You all have given me 'peace of mind' when I have been at work, knowing that S is in great hands.
S and I will miss her 'school' but she is looking forward to starting her 'new' school. I couldn't have done the last 41/2 years without Whitford ELC / Kindy!
Thank you always," Lisa

" A huge thank you for all your involvement with M during her time at kindy. She has loved being at kindy and I have appreciated you all looking after her so well. You are all such lovely and caring people and I can leave her at kindy with the peace of mind that she is safe and happy. We will miss our ongoing contact with the kindy but feel lucky M has had a great start to her schooling because of your imput. So once again thank you so much." Nikki

"Thank you so very much for your care, kindness, tolerance and tremendous, efforts in the education of F. We are grateful for all that you do - F leaves you as a confident happy boy ready to start the years ahead as he grows into a young man. Thank you and we will all miss you - F particularly will miss his kindy days. Our love always"  Ali

"To all the amazing teachers at whitford Kindy... Thank you for all the care, kindness, teaching and encouragement you have all shown during my time at kindy!
Thanks for the endless effort you all put into planning and running such a fantastic centre and for each of your parts in helping me to develop into the boy I am today.

"Thank you for all being such wonderful caring teachers towards K. He has really enjoyed his time at kindy and I'm proud to say he went to Whitford Kindy, as I truely believe this is the best kindy!
What I love best about you all, is that you all take such an interest in each child and really focus on their learning. K would always be enthusiastic about coming to kindy, so I hope this continues for school. I know he will really miss not coming to kindy and seeing you all. " Love from Vanessa

I'm ready for school now, but I will miss you all lots xoxo, you've made my kindy days special and memorable! love R
A big thanks to Irene for the wonderful Portfolio books you have created! Thanks for the time and effort you have put into these and the fun times and memories you have captured."

"For the best kindy around, Thank you for preparing me for my next journey to school. Thank you for all you taught me. To all my teachers, Thank you for everything I am going to miss you all very much! To all my friends who I will miss very much also To a fantastic kindy, full of kindness and love for all the children. I am so glad I went there! " S 

"To all you amazing Fantail teachers...
We want to say a huge thank you for all your smiles, warmth, support and challenges you have provided X over the last couple of years. We are amazed with the level of care and attention you have paid to his needs and his progress is a credit to you all. You really are amazing!!" Kirsten

"To the wonderful teachers in the Tui Room! And to the wonderful Teachers in the Fantail Room!
You have been a huge part of R's first few, important! years. Thank you for helping shape and teach our gorgeous wee man! Each and every one of you are amazing, he has learn't so much!!!
' We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give'   - Winston Churchill
Thank you for everything you have all given to R! " Toni



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