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Servicing Your Maraetai Kindergarten Needs, Whitford Early Learning Centre

It’s No Secret Why More Maraetai Families Are Trusting Our Kindergarten With Their Children

Whitford Early Learning Centre is rapidly becoming the go-to childcare provider for the Pōhutukawa Coast communities, seamlessly integrates the local culture including the history of Whitford, Maraetai and its surroundings into our curriculum, ensuring that families from Maraetai and Beachlands have a kindy experience that is both enlightening and grounded in community values.

Why Our Kindy Experience works well for Maraetai families?

Conveniently located for the Maraetai community to drop off and pick up their children on the way, we offer an early childhood education sanctuary in the local area with a perfect mix of traditional learning principles and innovative, child-centric methods.

Our dedicated team are trained and passionate, they bring to life the enriching environment that our kindergarten is renowned for. Every child is unique. From infancy to preschool stages, is adaptable to each child’s pace, ensuring an enriching learning experience for all children.

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Are you looking for a Maraetai or Beachlands Kindergarten: The Advantage of Whitford Early Learning Centre

If you’re searching for a Maraetai or Beachlands kindergarten, Whitford Early Learning Centre stands a class apart. Here's why:

  • Nature’s Classroom: Only 13 minutes away, our proximity to the beautiful Maraetai Beach, provides unique learning opportunities. Children don’t just learn about the environment, they experience it!
  • Flexible Programs: Understanding the varying needs of modern families, our programs are adaptable, ensuring every child thrives and flourishes.
  • Community Integration: Rooted deep within the local community, our frequent events and programs reinforce the bond between parents, children, and educators.

Discover the Magic of our Kindergarten not far from Maraetai Beach

At Whitford Early Learning Centre, our promises aren’t just words – they’re experiences lived every day.

  • Safety First: With top-tier facilities and vigilant staff, every child is safe to develop essential skills.
  • Tailored Attention: Our optimal teacher-to-child ratios ensure every young learner is nurtured according to their unique strengths and needs.
  • All-Round Growth: Cognitive, physical, emotional – our programs cater to every facet of a child’s development, setting them on a path of lifelong learning.

Join the increasing number of Maraetai Families at Whitford ELC

Beginning the educational journey is a significant milestone for your child. As a registered childcare provider, Whitford guarantees a blend of care, education, and memorable moments. Delve into what our kindergarten offers your child if you are local or live in the Maraetai community and hopefully find the perfect match for your little one.

Get in touch to experience our learning centre firsthand or enrol today!


Whitford Early Learning Centre and Private Kindergarten has been providing quality childcare for over 20 years...



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