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Need A Clevedon Kindergarten Option? Try Nearby Whitford Early Learning Centre

Our Kindergarten Is Near Clevedon

Whitford Early Learning Centre shines as a haven of early childhood education and care. With innovative learning techniques and an environment promoting hands-on experiences, our kindergarten is close to Clevedon and provides a nurturing environment for every child to blossom.

Why Choose Whitford Early Learning Centre When Looking For A Clevedon Kindy?

  1. Embracing the community, we intertwine the rich culture and heritage of surrounding areas including Clevedon into our curriculum, ensuring that our kindy resonates with Clevedon families.
  2. Experienced Team: At Whitford Early Learning Centre, our educators aren’t just experienced – they're passionate about crafting enriching environments where every child's potential is realised.
  3. Dynamic Curriculum: Spanning from infancy to preschool stages, our curriculum is made for curious young learners.
girl colouring book at clevedon kindergarten

Not Far From Clevedon: Our Preschools Auckland’s Best Kept Secret  

When you are looking for a Clevedon preschool, you're seeking more than just an institution; you're looking for a haven for your child. Here's what sets Whitford Early Learning Centre apart:

  • Nature’s Classroom: Our innovative childcare outdoor environments approach means children learn amidst nature, forging a bond with the environment while grasping foundational concepts.
  • Adaptable Schedules: We appreciate the needs of Clevedon's families, and our flexible daycare timings are designed to keep modern-day challenges in mind.
  • Community: Our centre is not just a preschool; it's a vibrant part of the Pōhutukawa Coast community. Regular events foster a close-knit bond between parents, educators, and children.

A Daycare Clevedon Parents Can Count On

At Whitford Early Learning Centre, our promises aren't just words; they're experiences:

  • Safety Always: Our top-notch facilities are paired with an outstanding team, ensuring that every child enjoys a secure environment.
  • Individualised Care: Benefiting from optimal teacher-to-child ratios, every child gets the attention they deserve, championing their unique strengths.
  • Comprehensive Development: Be it cognitive abilities or emotional intelligence, our programs are tailored to nurture every aspect of your child's growth.

Taking the Leap with Whitford’s Daycare, Only 10 Minutes From Clevedon

Starting the educational journey is pivotal for every child and parent. As the leading childcare provider not far from Clevedon, Whitford Early Learning Centre guarantees a safe space where your child can thrive. Contact us today to find out more!


Whitford Early Learning Centre and Private Kindergarten has been providing quality childcare for over 20 years...



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