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Privacy & Legal Policies

A copy of our Operations Manual, detailing in full our Policies and Procedures is available at your request from the office.

The following is a summary of the purpose and rationale of the policies adhered to at Whitford Early Learning Centre.

Curriculum Policies:

•    Bi-cultural: To ensure children are given the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the cultural heritages of both parties to Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

•    Curriculum: We aim to give all children the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to grow up as competent learners and communicators.

•    Social Competence: To provide clear guidelines of acceptable behaviour for all children and adults to ensure fairness and justice.

•    Special Needs: To recognise the individual needs of a child are paramount. Programmes will be flexible enough to offer a positive learning environment for all.

•    Transition: To support young children and their families through the process of transition, into the centre, within the centre, and to school.

Premises and Facilities Policies:

•    Sleep: To ensure teachers follow individual children’s rhythms and sleeping routines in a relaxed and familiar environment

•    Smoke Free: To provide children with a healthy environment and promote healthy living and good habits for both teachers and children.

Health & Safety Policies:

•    Alcohol & Substance Abuse: To provide an environment where children are kept safe from harm.

•    Child Protection: The interests and welfare of children are the prime considerations when any decision is made about suspected abuse.

•    Excursions: To ensure that planned and spontaneous excursions are carried out in a manner that promotes safety for both children and teachers.
•    Health & Safety: To comply with relevant legislation at all times to ensure we provide a safe and healthy environment for all staff, children and their parents.

Governance & Management Policies:

•    Communication: To ensure parents and whanau are encouraged to participate in decision making regarding their child.

•    Complaints: To ensure all concerns from parents/whanau are addressed in a fair and confidential manner.

•    Enrolment: To maintain enrolment records for each child currently attending the Centre, ensuring up to date information is kept for all children.

•    Financial: To ensure the operation systems within the Centre are maintained in a manner that accurately monitors the day to day finances and shows accountability to management, parents and the Ministry of Education.

•    Personnel: To implement the principles of being a good employer and appoint competent and capable staff who are committed to ongoing learning and growth.

•    Self Review: To ensure practices are constantly and consistently under review to enhance quality outcomes for all children and their families.


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