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Tui Room

Welcome to the Tui room

The Tui Room provides free indoor and outdoor flow through out the day, where children have the opportunity to go and explore where they want to. Our playgrounds are interchangeable and are age appropriate as well as challenging.  The Tui Room serves as the next step in our children’s learning journey. The teachers just love to begin their morning with a group  mat-time, where we can share songs, news, stories and dance together.
We greatly value our unique surroundings and often take the opportunity to go for walks around the centre, admiring the beauty of nature and our friendly farm animal friends.
The Tui children play a huge part in being able to lead their own learning and select resources to extend their interests through creativity and imagination.

Our philosophy  is supported and driven in accordance with our centre philosophy. Toddlers are remarkable, delightful and engaging human   beings who require sensitive and responsive teachers in order to develop. We value the importance of building trusting relationships with children and their whanau/family. We believe in providing children with a nurturing, safe and empowering environment, where children can grow and develop.  We believe in fostering social competence,    confidence and independence through many learning experiences.    Social competence provides children with the understanding of how to interact, negotiate and maintain relationships with people around them.

We are passionate about recognising children’s interests and providing them with an emergent curriculum and the opportunity to lead their learning. Toddlers are often on a quest to find out how everything works. They are curious by nature and develop their most important skills by playing and experimenting. Our aim is to foster creativity and to encourage children to investigate and test out their theories as a way of gaining new knowledge and understanding. We acknowledge and respect each child as an individual and we empower children during their learning journey.

We believe we have a wonderful setting and look forward to working in partnership to create an amazing future for our children.
Meal times
Meal times are a time for social interaction in a relaxed situation. We have an onsite cook who prepares a wide variety of nutritious food. Jill follows a four week menu that was written by a paediatric nutritionist. We have taken part in the Healthy Heart programme where we promote healthy eating and      habits.  Jill prepares a variety of fresh food daily and filtered water is provided for the children regularly throughout the day. Please advise the centre if your child has any special dietary requirements. The menu is available to view to your own discretion.
All our children are rested on stretchers. They have individualised bedding and this is washed every 5 sleeps unless required sooner. Our sleep rooms are temperature controlled and children are soothed to sleep with gentle music and back rubs or patting. All children when put to bed are tucked in with their favourite comforter and a teacher remains  in the room with the children at all times.



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