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Pukeko Room

Welcome to the Pukeko room
Our building is the original farm cottage and now provides us with a warm, homely environment where we cater for children aged 2 1/2  to 3 1/2 years with a group size of up to 20 children. Each room lends itself to a different area of play where children’s curiosity to explore and discover is provoked by an environment rich in resources, materials and learning experiences guided by skilled teachers.
We have an emerge curriculum where we build on children’s prior knowledge and interests and focus on hands-on experimental learning. We plan our learning experiences from children’s individual  interests , which  supports their developing growth, independence and helps foster language and social skills. We believe children learn best in a supportive environment through responsive, reciprocal and respectful interactions with others.
We value our unique rural setting and take daily excursions into our ‘Outdoor Classroom’ where children have the space, time and opportunity to explore, observe, problem solve, take risks, gather natural resources, engage in imaginative play, develop their physical skills and construct their own knowledge about the natural world around them.
We as a team value providing the space and time for your child to explore, observe, build independence and be creative. We will nurture your child’s ability to lead their own learning in a safe, supportive environment.

We value our unique rural setting and take regular excursions into our ‘Outdoor Classroom’. With our natural environment around us we utilise and gather natural materials to implement in our learning experiences.
We recognise and respond to the cultural diversity of our families and the world around us.
We foster children’s friendship and we value the importance of group learning to enhance children’s social skills as well as their sense of belonging.
We will foster an environment that encourages and cultivates creativity, imagination, pretend play, critical thought, wonder,  curiosity and helps children develop confidence in and control of their bodies, such as gross motor skills, co ordination and so on.
We will ensure that we have a culture of respect for each other, for our environment and to care for our animals and how to be around them.
Meal times
The Pukeko room aims to promote healthy eating habits for our children. We offer healthy morning tea with daily baking and ask families/whanau to provide a lunch and afternoon tea with a water bottle.
Children are supported to develop their independence and self-help skills by using tongs and supported in opening their own lunchboxes. To keep within Health and Safety food standards, we ask that perishable items are named and placed in the fridge.
You will find  Healthy Lunchbox Ideas in your Pukeko Cottage welcome pack.  

For children who require a sleep, we provide stretchers and individualised bedding. This is washed every 5 sleeps unless required sooner. Our children are soothed to sleep with gentle music and back rubs or patting, if required. All children when put to bed are tucked in with their favourite comforter from home if needed. A teacher settles children to sleep and then they are checked on every 10 minutes according to our sleep policy.




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