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Centre Vision:

To see engaged children in a stimulating, inviting learning environment where their working theories are acknowledged and valued as laying the foundation for lifelong learning.

Centre Philosophy:

We are inspired by the philosophies of Emmi Pikler, Magda Gerber, Reggio Emilia, Forrest Kindergartens as well as the research by Richard Louv, Claire Warden and Gill Connell. As a team we agree that respectful care and education in a welcoming, supportive and inviting environment is vital in children’s future growth and development.


We treasure respectful and responsive relationships with our learning community. We believe in working in partnership with our families to nurture children’s growth and development where they can reach their full potential in a trusting and secure environment.


We value children’s individual working theories as they discover the world around them. Our learning community values and embraces the beauty and intimacy of natural setting where children develop a sense of belonging, discovery, motivation and respect through natural based learning. We believe children need the freedom to explore the natural and physical environment where they develop life skills through physical and intellectual risks.


Our teachers are dedicated to implementing a nurturing, peaceful and calm approach, where children’s learning, discovering and development can unfold naturally in a supportive and inclusive environment. We believe children learn best through play and education at their own pace, level and ability and most importantly when they are happy and having fun. As teachers we aim to foster children’s love of learning and to ensure their journey is exciting and challenges them to succeed. We follow a holistic approach to teaching children, with the ultimate aim of developing resilient, independent children who are well rounded and confident with high self esteem and a positive sense of self worth.


Whitford Early Learning Centre and Private Kindergarten has been providing quality childcare for over 20 years...


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Ph:  09 530 8726